Mega Fishing – The Most Popular Betting Game FB777 2024

Mega Fishing - The Most Popular Betting Game FB777 2024

Mega Fishing has not been launched for long but it already has a huge number of users. Here, you will explore a unique ocean world. If you want to know more about this type of entertainment before starting, please learn in the following article.

Mega Fishing – The most popular entertainment product of 2024

Any gamer has probably experienced fish shooting. This is a simple and easy-to-understand game series, so it is very suitable for relaxing your mind after tiring working hours.

In 2024, a new product was born that stirred up the entertainment market. That is a fish shooting game series with attractive gameplay and many new features.

Here, betting fans can find inspiration when hunting for fish and treasure on the seabed. Beautiful design and attractive gameplay are the outstanding advantages that create the value of this brand.

Why is Mega Fishing increasingly popular and popular?

Many bettors come to this game to have new experiences. Some other people choose it to make money.

Why is Mega Fishing increasingly popular and popular?
Why is Mega Fishing increasingly popular and popular?

The rules of the fish shooting game are simple

Fish shooting has a very simple gameplay, so many people choose it for entertainment. You just need to shoot fish and sea creatures and you will receive attractive rewards. Therefore, many gamers choose this product for entertainment after tiring working hours.

Diverse world of marine life in Mega Fishing

This game has hundreds of different species of fish and sea creatures. All of them have beautiful shapes such as lobsters, octopuses, turtles, jellyfish, fish…

No matter what creature you hit, you will receive many rewards. However, pay attention to some special species that can help you quickly increase bonuses such as Mega octopus, giant fish, and immortal sea king…

The playground has a variety of the most unique game halls

This game has many different game halls for you to choose from. Each playground brings a new and different entertainment experience to players.

  • Apprentice lobby: In the Mega Fishing game, new players should start with the apprentice lobby. Here, you will experience betting levels ranging from 0.1 to 10. This is where you can get familiar with the game and gain experience before starting.
  • Joy Lobby: Members can bet from 0.1 to 50 so the rewards will be more valuable. However, only when you clearly understand the game and are confident in your abilities can you begin.
  • Hall of Honor: Here, you have to bet at a very high level from 1 – 100. Although the difficulty will be higher, you can freely earn valuable bonuses.

Diverse game modes for you to freely choose from

Mega Fishing has many new shooting modes and features for you to experience. Depending on each situation, you have different features to use.

  • Automatic fire: This mode reloads frequently so it costs you a lot of money. However, if you encounter a big boss, this mode is extremely useful.
  • Target lock shot: When encountering large creatures with good defense, choose the target lock shot feature. This feature will help you disable their abilities and help you play more effectively.

Mega Fishing possesses a huge, unique arsenal of weapons

An outstanding advantage of this playground is its arsenal with a wide variety of features. You can exploit these tools to play fish shooting more effectively.

Members should carefully read the uses of each type of gun and consider them based on their goals. Each type of weapon has its strengths and weaknesses, so you need to pay attention to use it properly.

High bonus rate with many valuable incentives for new players

When playing you will receive many high-value promotions from the system. This gives you more bets and chances to win.

In addition, the win rate in this game is very high, so people always give priority to their choice. Here, if you have the right strategy, you will earn a lot of bonuses.

Instructions on how to start playing Mega Fishing at FB777

This fish shooting game always attracts a large number of betting enthusiasts looking for entertainment. To easily start playing, you should pay attention to the following issues.

Instructions on how to start playing Mega Fishing at FB777
Instructions on how to start playing Mega Fishing at FB777
  • Step 1: Members access the FB777 brand homepage and select “Register”.
  • Step 2: You provide all the necessary information and confirm your age to create a betting account.
  • Step 3: Users log in immediately after registering an account and then deposit money to bet.
  • Step 4: Members go to the game category, select “Fish Shooting” and then select to start playing.

Tips for playing Mega Fishing to always win 

Although this game series is not difficult to play, it is not easy to win. If you want to earn a lot of bonuses here, you must pay attention to some of the issues below.

Understand each type of fish and your arsenal of weapons

Each type of weapon will be suitable for a certain type of fish or creature. If you use a bullet that is too powerful to kill large fish, it will be a waste. However, if you use weak bullets, the possibility of shooting fish will not be high.

Regularly check and increase ammo during the game

In Mega Fishing, members should regularly check their ammunition inventory. If you think it’s already reduced, add more so you don’t miss out on good opportunities in the game.

Shoot right after the new fish enters the table to increase your hit rate

You should observe and shoot right after starting to shoot accurately. You should focus on shooting as soon as the fish first appears on the table and focus on the head for high accuracy. At this time, sea creatures do not move much so it is very easy for you to shoot.

Turn off unnecessary features in Mega Fishing

Many features are turned on automatically but are not very useful. Therefore, you can consider turning off these tools to shoot fish more effectively and without wasting much ammunition.

Change your shooting strategy 

Many large creatures are difficult to destroy, so it is necessary to change tactics. First, you need to shoot at the body or head.

Immediately after that, you rotate the gun barrel and shoot at the nearby wall so that the bullets bounce back into the fish’s body. They will make it easier for marine life to be defeated.

Be cautious when hunting for hidden fish 

In this game, hidden fish are great luck because they bring a lot of bonuses. However, pursuing hidden fish is not recommended because the probability of encountering them is not high.

Be cautious when hunting for hidden fish
Be cautious when hunting for hidden fish

This fish usually lies deep in moss and mud so it rarely appears. Although they bring great bonus value, they are not ideal targets to destroy.


Mega Fishing is the most ideal choice for you when entertaining. This product is not only lively in appearance but also has a variety of rewards for you. If you have any problems while playing the game, please contact FB777 for more detailed information.

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